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    • These are the musings of a sixty something who always yearned to travel, but somehow, life got in the way.

      Contrary to the old adage that life begins at forty - it doesn’t, life begins whenever you want it to, and for me that was when I recognised that there’s still a big world out there, and I had to make the effort to see it.

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    • Looking back at 2015

      2015 was quite a year! Five totally new countries, but one on my bucket list which was initially planned didn’t happen! Burkina Faso, up until autumn 2015, one of the most peaceful countries in West Africa, had a coup-d’etat two days before I was to fly there! Borders closed, airports shut meant there was no Read More »
    • How to Stay Healthy and Active While Traveling

      As I age, I place more importance on maintaining my weight and being active. Sometimes it seems like you have to sacrifice your health and fitness while traveling. However, this is a false assumption. You can find many ways to stay active and healthy while on the road or traveling around the world. Keep a Read More »
    • Best Asian Fusion Restaurants around the USA

      Sometimes you can enjoy a little bit of another country without traveling to it. It warms you to eat at restaurants inspired by other country’s cuisine, because it reminds you of traveling there. It also acts as just a taste of a foreign land. Restaurant owners create fusion restaurants by combining two of their favorite Read More »
    • Tips for Planning a Trip on a Budget

      Many people of all ages avoid traveling because they fear that they cannot afford a trip. They let the cost stop their traveling dreams. Being a cautious spender is an admirable trait. However, traveling offers a one of a kind experience worth the price. Instead of worrying about the cost of traveling, plan ways to Read More »
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      Saga of Burkina Faso

      I’m writing this from a departure gate in Addis Ababa airport, and it’s 04.00am UK time. I want to share with you the saga of how I got here. As my family will testify, it’s been a long held dream of mine to visit Burkina Faso in West Africa. In fact, it was/is in the Read More »

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