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    • These are the musings of a sixty something who always yearned to travel, but somehow, life got in the way.

      Contrary to the old adage that life begins at forty - it doesn’t, life begins whenever you want it to, and for me that was when I recognised that there’s still a big world out there, and I had to make the effort to see it.

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    • Luxury Camping in Cornwall

      Until recently I was not aware that there was anything luxurious about camping. I always associated with those outdoorsy types and being cold, wet and uncomfortable. However, my opinions have now changed after a recent visit to Perran Spring Holiday Park in Cornwall. They offer an alternative to the traditional styles I am used to Read More »
    • 5 Things to do when visiting Madrid

      Madrid is the capital city of Spain, and the cultural hub of the Mediterranean country. It has grown and grown as a city through the years and welcomed people from all every corner of Spain thanks to its central location in the country. It is the political, cultural and economic centre of Spain, and offers Read More »
    • 12 Things you Need to Know about the Enchanting Country of Qatar

        An interesting fact is that Sheikh Khalifa was replaced by his son Hamad, as emir in June 1995. Incidentally, this happened while the Sheikh was holidaying in Switzerland. · The popular young new emir advocated women’s rights, allowing them to drive and vote for the first time. · A majority of the development happening in Qatar Read More »
    • ship

      Have you ever considered a cruise?

      I have always thought that cruising was absolutely not for me, that it was for people who had no sense of adventure, or people who just wanted to sit around in the sun all day doing nothing else other than eat and drink. How wrong I was! Recently I had the opportunity to spend a Read More »
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      Day 2 in Quito.

      The previous day we had seen much of Quito’s Historic Centre by just meandering through the old, often cobbled, streets, because the actual area is fairly compact. Quito boasts a umber of museums and an even bigger number of churches, but I have to confess, I am not a museum person, nor am I into Read More »

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