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    • These are the musings of a sixty something who always yearned to travel, but somehow, life got in the way.

      Contrary to the old adage that life begins at forty - it doesn’t, life begins whenever you want it to, and for me that was when I recognised that there’s still a big world out there, and I had to make the effort to see it.

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      Have you ever considered a cruise?

      I have always thought that cruising was absolutely not for me, that it was for people who had no sense of adventure, or people who just wanted to sit around in the sun all day doing nothing else other than eat and drink. How wrong I was! Recently I had the opportunity to spend a Read More »
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      Day 2 in Quito.

      The previous day we had seen much of Quito’s Historic Centre by just meandering through the old, often cobbled, streets, because the actual area is fairly compact. Quito boasts a umber of museums and an even bigger number of churches, but I have to confess, I am not a museum person, nor am I into Read More »
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      Day One in Quito, Ecuador

      I had little or no idea as to what to expect from Quito, other than it was the capital city of Ecuador on the west coast of South America. I had seen on a map that Ecuador is a relatively small country just above, and beside Peru, and below Colombia, and that it was home Read More »
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      Reflections on 2014 Trip to Ecuador and Peru.

      The problem with a post like this is where to begin because so much has happened in the last month that my head is spinning. To misquote someone from quite a while ago, the beginning is probably the best place… Regular readers of his blog will know that South America has been a long held dream Read More »
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      Casa El Eden, Quito, Ecuador

      Casa El Eden is a fairly new boutique hotel situated right in the middle of the famous historic centre of Quito, the capital of Ecuador. It is described by the owners as a bed and breakfast, and is, in fact, the only boutique bed and breakfast in the historic centre. h It has six very Read More »

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